My U.S. Congressional Office has the great honor of assisting Second District residents with personal casework. Please take a moment to provide feedback about your experience with my office. While my staff and I do our best to ensure that all constituent cases receive favorable outcomes, unfortunately, some do not. In any event, it is important to me to know whether you are satisfied with the level of service that was provided by my staff, regardless of the outcome of your particular case. I encourage you to complete the survey below.

Permission for U.S. Representative Deborah K. Ross to use my story:

I grant U.S. Representative Deborah K. Ross permission to publicize my name and my story of how her office assisted. In addition, I am aware that the Privacy Act of 1974 prohibits the release of my personal information without my expressed, written consent. If Congresswoman Ross uses information about your case it will only be general information. I hereby authorize U.S. Representative Deborah K. Ross to print my name and the story of the problem she helped me with on her website, social media accounts, and/or on other printed materials.
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